CAST AN EYE (without a blush) is a project initiated by HUP:                                                                                                                                     

CAST AN EYE (without a blush) will take place on this website, ArtPie Istanbul (on Tyap Art Fair 2010)
and the Stedelijk Museum s-Hertogenbosch (the Netherlands).
Participating artists:
Germen Zoer, Chris Brans, Marleen de Puydt, Rieneke de Vries,
                                   Karin Schipper, Mark van den Heuvel, Klaas Burger and Fatma Zemin.

CAST AN EYE (without a blush) will grow and grow the coming three months, so please keep an eye on this website: www.cast-an-eye.com
                                                                  28/11/09 - 06/02/11         &         www.

HUP: was founded in 2009 to promote the dialoge between artists, every-day-life, art-spaces and their surroundings.
HUP: is seeking for collaboration with artists from different countries.
Web: www.hupdenbosch.web-log.nl

HUP: would like to thank all sponsors: Bruynzeel, the city of s-Hertogenbosch, Mondriaan Foundation, Stedelijk Museum s-Hertogenbosch (SMs).




Aaltje van der Molen











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